Veterans who have served during war time should file their DD-214 Discharge papers with the Town Clerk before October 1st of each year in order to be eligible for applicable property exemptions for the coming tax year.  Veterans who have a service related disability have until March 31st to file their Veterans Administration Disability Award Letter to ensure they are receiving the correct additional exemptions for the coming tax year.  These applications only need to be made once, unless there is a change in disability rating.  If this is the case only the VA letter needs to be re-filed.

Farm and forest property owners applying for PA–490 assessment relief under provisions of CGS 12–107 must make application with the East Haven Assessor between September 1st and November 1st for the upcoming Grand List.  This application only needs to be made once unless a change needs to be made.

Totally disabled residents must file proof of their Social Security Disability with the Assessor before October 1st in order to receive an exemption for the coming tax year.  This application only needs to be made once.

Exemptions for specially equipped vehicles: These vehicles for the use or transportation of a handicapped individual or antique vehicles must annually submit an application to the Assessor for examination by December 1st. All new applicants’ vehicles will be subject to inspection by the Assessor.