Personal Property Information for Businesses & Out of State Motor Vehicles

Personal Property Declarations


Personal Property used in commercial enterprises, such as machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures, computers, cables, conduits, pipes, tools, leasehold improvements, supplies, video tapes, horses, etc., is subject to assessment in Connecticut and must be declared annually with  costs and acquisition dates.  Business inventory is not taxable. Declaration Forms are available from the Assessor for businesses to summarize their property by type and year acquired.   The Assessor applies depreciation factors to estimate current values.

Declarations are due to the Assessor by November 1st every year.  Declarations submitted by postal mail must be postmarked no later than November 1st.  Connecticut law levies a twenty-five percent (25%) penalty assessment for failure to file a declaration, omitting property, or filing a declaration late.  To avoid receiving a penalty for improper filing, ALL PAGES of the form must be filled out completely including but not limited to Leased Equipment and Disposed Assets.

Assessment notices are mailed at the end of January.

File Personal Property Declarations online here.

Vehicles Registered Out-of-State:

Individuals that are either residents or that are living in East Haven for more than six (6) months must declare their out-of-state registered motor vehicle to the Assessor’s Office by November 1st in order to avoid penalties.

If you have any questions, please telephone the Assessor’s Office at (203) 468-3233 between 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. and they will be glad to help you with the form.